Dog suffocated in a car: videos to discourage leaving an animal in this situation

ANIMALS – The death of a Jack Russel left in his master’s car in Annecy this Sunday, at the height of the heat, is shocking. Reported by The Dauphiné Libéré, the suffocation death of the dog left without air or water in a parking lot reminds all pet owners of the danger and cruelty of leaving their pet in such a situation.

As reported by diary, The captain was found by the authorities, but the prosecution decided that evidence was lacking to prosecute him for “act of cruelty to an animal”, a crime that can be worth two years in prison and 30,000 euros well. However, the owner of the animal found dead was fined 450 euros, for “involuntary damage to the physical integrity and life of an animal.”

Beyond the excitement of these forgotten dog deaths in cars each summer, videos can help understand the risk and give food for thought.

In recent years, to denounce this negligence and alert the public, Peta decided, for example, to call Tyrann Mathieu, a football player who had volunteered to be the “guinea pig.” The aim of the animal protection association? Show how excruciating and dangerous it can be to be in a closed car in direct sunlight for even a few minutes. The elite athlete only lasted eight minutes, while the temperature was almost 49 ° C in the cabin.

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“Seriously, I can’t imagine leaving my dog ​​in a car like this,” the athlete said in the car before deciding to leave.

According to Peta, dogs experience organic failure from the moment the temperature in the vehicle reaches 40 ° C. If it’s 32 ° C outside, that temperature is reached in just four minutes.

To underscore the extreme heat that can be in a cabin, one Arizona resident had another idea: Placing unbaked cookies in his car in bright sunlight. Within five hours, the cakes were perfectly baked …

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