Dieudonné: the TikTok app bans the debater

After Youtube, Facebook and Instagram, it is the turn of the TikTok application to ban Dieudonné. Inter-ministerial delegate for the fight against racism, anti-Semitism and anti-LGBT hatred, Frédéric Potier, announced the news on Monday, August 10, hailing “TikTok France’s decision to ban Dieudonné from its network.” The prefect later recovered from this eviction to invite Twitter to do the same and ban the debater. On Monday, August 3, Facebook permanently removed the comedian’s Facebook and Instagram pages, a few weeks after the closure of his YouTube channel.

Banned on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube

Followed by more than a million people on Mark Zuckerberg’s social network, Dieudonné was banned for his “content mocking the victims of the Holocaust” and “dehumanizing language against Jews,” reported AFP. Later, a Facebook spokesperson explained that the debater was “permanently banned”, emphasizing that “people and organizations that attack others based on who they are have no place on Facebook or on Instagram.” After being convicted of an anti-Semitic song and being targeted for racist or anti-Semitic insults, Dieudonné’s YouTube channel was also removed. In addition to his convictions for racial insults, apologies for acts of terrorism or even tax fraud, it is therefore a new setback for the debater who faces the reinforcement of the regulations on social networks in the face of hate speech.

By Marie Merlet

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