Derichebourg: 163 employees refuse pay cut, will be fired

EMPLOYMENT – Earn less, but keep your job. This is the concession that 163 employees of Derichebourg Aéronautics Services – subcontractors of Airbus or Dassault – did not accept from 1583, according to information confirmed this Sunday, August 9 by France Blue Haute-Garonne and TV BFM.

According to the provisions of the collective action agreement (CPA) signed on June 12 between the management and the majority union Force Ouvrière, they will be fired for “real and serious cause”.

A decision taken to “save jobs” in the face of the economic crisis linked to the coronavirus pandemic and allowed by the ordinances that reform the Labor Code of 2017, at the very beginning of Emmanuel Macron’s five-year period. The group had first considered a plan to safeguard jobs, liquidating nearly 700 jobs, before offering this APC in early May.

20% less pay for the lowest wages

For the 1,420 remaining employees of the company, based in Blagnac, near the Airbus facilities, the agreement provides for the abandonment of social benefits, in particular the transport and food allowance and “the abolition of the thirteenth month for employees who earn more than 2.5 times the minimum wage ”. For the smallest salaries of the company, the salary will be reduced by 8.56 euros per day or 20% on average of these salaries, explains France Bleu.

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In return, the jobs hold … for now anyway. Management is committed to preserving jobs through June 2022. It also said France 3 that if the breakeven point returned to 4%, the company could discuss the bonuses with the social partners.

Nearly a third of the 163 employees who rejected the performance CBA are over 50, according to BFMTV. Around 80% leave with a professional project and 4,500 euros valued in the personal training account.

To avoid cascading bankruptcies, the government is working on measures to bail out excessively indebted companies. Many resources can be mobilized along with the measures already put in place in the emergency (solidarity fund, postponement or cancellation of positions, etc.). The difficulty lies in selecting the companies well to avoid spending public money on companies that would no longer be viable and adapting the modes of action to their size, Bercy explained.

Launch of an aeronautical investment fund

The Government has already announced on July 28 the creation of an investment fund of 630 million euros to support SMEs and medium-sized companies in the aeronautical sector, supported both by the public bank Bpifrance, the large groups in the sector and the management company of Tikehau funds.

This fund, called Ace Aéro Partenaires, aims to preserve the supply chain while demand for new aircraft collapses due to difficulties for airlines caused by collapsing traffic.

The State contributes 200 million euros, of which 50 million for BPIFrance, and the big names in the sector also contribute: Airbus for 116 million, Safran for 58 million, Dassault 13 million and Thales 13 million.

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