Daniela Krien receives the Saxon Literature Prize 2020

Daniela Krien will receive the 2020 Saxon Literature Prize endowed with 10,000 euros. The Leipzig-based author will receive the award for his prose works to date, the Ministry of Culture in Dresden announced on Friday. “With its decision, the expert jury pays tribute to an important and fascinating author who focuses on confident women with a precise eye. Her books are important works of linguistic art,” said the Minister. Barbara Klepsch (CDU).

Krien (44) is originally from Neu-Kaliß in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, grew up in Jena and Vogtland, and after various professional activities, studied cultural studies, communication and media at the University of Leipzig. She has lived in the city of exhibitions since 1999 and has been a freelance writer since 2010.

Daniela Krien made her debut in 2011 with an astonishing novel, the title of which could be read as programmatic for its literary intention: at some point we’ll tell each other everything. Relentless – in a clear, sultry tone that follows its own rhythm “, Judged the president of the jury Undine Materni.

The Saxon Literature Prize has been awarded every two years by the Ministry of Science, Culture and Tourism and the Saxon Literature Council since 2012. The prize is awarded to authors linked to Saxony. Previous winners were Róža Domašcyna, Franziska Gerstenberg, Jan Kuhlbrodt and Andreas Altmann. The awards ceremony is scheduled for early December.

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