Cyril Lignac: his show “Tous en cuisine” is back soon with news!

During the confinement, many French were in front of his small screen. And in particular in front of “Tous en cuisine”, the program of chef Cyril Lignac that hit the mark. The culinary show had garnered up to 2.6 million viewers on M6. As the channel has announced, “Tous en cuisine” will return to our small screens very soon. Starting August 24, Cyril Lignac and his accomplice Jérôme Anthony will take to the air, much to the delight of cooking-loving spectators. The show was so successful that it even inspired a cookbook, published in June 2020 and called “Fait maison n ° 1” (La Martinière Editions). A compilation of 45 recipes made on the show that were sold at high speed. So much so that a second volume will be released on September 3.

Jérôme Anthony and Cyril Lignac are back to life!

For the return of “Tous en cuisine”, the production has planned some small changes. Rest assured, the show will continue to be broadcast live by the duo Cyril Lignac – Jérôme Anthony. What doesn’t change is that viewers will be able to find the list of ingredients used during the show to make their meals live from home. On the other hand, Jérôme Anthony will have a new role in “Tous en cuisine”. Once a week, the presenter will surprise the viewer to cook with him. In addition, your mission will be to meet local producers. Another novelty: an expert will be invited by Cyril Lignac once a week. The goal is simple: introduce foodies to local specialties!

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By Matilde A.

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