Covid-19: in the face of restrictions, a Swedish-Norwegian couple marries at the border

COVID-19 – A global epidemic will not have prevented them from saying “yes”: in the face of traffic restrictions, a Norwegian and a Swede got married on the demarcation line of a border bridge between the two countries, they have told him on Tuesday 11 August to AFP.

“At first, it was just a joke between us,” laughs Heidi Caroline Nystrom, who married her boyfriend Willy Lysell on Sunday. Engaged since early spring, the 60-year-old couple anxiously awaited the announcement of the end of travel restrictions between Sweden and Norway, to no avail.

Norway still imposes strict conditions on travelers moving to certain Swedish counties, including Västra Götaland in southwestern Sweden, where they live and work.

“We were like, ‘Why don’t we get married at the border?’” Says Heidi Caroline. So that my mother, who was a witness, could come and be on the Norwegian side without risking quarantine. “

A handful of witnesses and two musicians

For this atypical union on the old Svinesund Bridge, a hundred kilometers south of Oslo, the merchant couple, who have a shop in the Swedish city of Strömstad, brought only a handful of witnesses and two musicians. “It was supposed to be a secret wedding,” confesses the young bride, surprised by the attention that the ceremony generated. “Many walkers stopped to see what was happening, and the few cars that passed slowed down to our height.”

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Despite the festive atmosphere, the participants were careful to respect certain rules of social distancing. “There were no hugs except between Willy and me. I couldn’t even take my mom in my arms, ”Heidi Caroline laments.

When asked about their plans for the future, the newlyweds respond with one voice “work, work and more work.” The two Stakhanovites, who met twelve years ago at a fair, are now starting their honeymoon in Skåne, a region in southern Sweden, but without losing sight of their business.

“We will meet with some suppliers and then we will take the rest of the time to visit the region a bit,” the couple explains.

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