COVID-19 deaths in Russia exceed 15,000 | Society | America Edition

Deaths from COVID-19 in Russia exceeded 15,000, according to official data offered on Monday by the government committee that coordinates the fight to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

To date, Russia has accumulated 892,654 cases of COVID-19 (plus 5,118 in the last 24 hours) and 15,001 (70) deaths from this disease.

Government statistics indicate that almost 700,000 people have already outgrown COVID-19 (3,259 in the past 24 hours) and that there are currently almost 181,000 active cases in the country.

Moscow, with a cumulative number of 248,228 positive for coronavirus and 4,585 deaths, is the main infectious focus in the territory of Russia.

The number of daily infections detected in the Russian capital, with a population of almost 13 million, remained stable between 600 and 700 for several weeks.

According to Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobianin, these figures, which do not pose a threat to the city’s health care system, will remain until the pandemic subsides or an effective vaccine against the new coronavirus is available.

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