Coronavirus: the price of masks should fall in September

CORONAVIRUS – Everything should disappear, or almost. Late last winter, as the threat posed by the coronavirus was becoming clearer, all of France rushed to take advantage of the meager stock of masks it had. So insufficient orders made it possible to equip the struggling nursing staff.

And little by little, a French and global sector (understand Chinese) started up until we found ourselves in a situation of overproduction. But with the prospect of a second wave, or at least a strong resurgence of the epidemic in the fall, the French are once again looking to equip themselves.

A goal that retailers intend to help them with, if the survey is to be believed. published in the Sunday newspaper this August 9. In fact, from the beginning of the school year, several supermarket chains will offer significant discounts and promotions on the price of protective masks.

But this should not be seen as a particular benevolence, simply the conjunction of several factors, which will allow the population to stock up at a lower cost (prices should be cut in half, or from 12 to 15 euros for a box of fifty disposable masks. , argues the JDD).

Ship and Breton production

First of all, there is this famous production line that is now running at full speed and allows masks to be offered on a large scale in quantity without having to struggle to obtain the latest stocks. In China, the supply is now colossal, many factories have abandoned baby diapers or sanitary napkins to dedicate themselves to this production destined for European markets.

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And in France, in the Intermarché group for example, we even have set up a factory, near Ploërmel, in Morbihan, capable of producing 300 million masks (FFP2 and surgical) per year, which will be added to the company’s stock.

Then this production and the fact that short-term needs were met in the spring allowed large retailers to establish new delivery methods. No more plane, which represented between 30 and 50% of the price of the masks according to the JDD, place the pot.

For the French portfolio to feel it, now it is left to the brands to sell the end of the stocks acquired at a high price to fully switch to these new, much less expensive products. While the mask is becoming mandatory more and more often, we imagine that many are waiting for such a fall.

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