Coronavirus in Argentina: 113 deaths and 6,134 infected in the last 24 hours

The Ministry of Health of the Nation reported on Saturday that During the past 24 hours, there were 113 deaths and 6,134 new positive cases of coronavirus. With these data, the total number of infected people across the country reaches 241,811 and the deaths add up to 4,523.

Of the total of these cases, 1,130 (0.5%) are imported, 64,762 (26.8%) are close contacts of confirmed cases, 136,987 (56.6%) are cases of community circulation and the rest are under epidemiological investigation.

Morning report 40 deaths have already been recorded: 19 men, 15 from the province of Buenos Aires, three from the city of Buenos Aires, residing in Tierra del Fuego; and 21 women, 15 from the province of Buenos Aires, five from the city of Buenos Aires and one from Jujuy.

In the evening report, 73 deaths were reported: 45 men, 31 from the province of Buenos Aires, seven from the city of Buenos Aires, two from Córdoba, one from Mendoza, one from La Rioja, three from Río Negro; and 27 women, 22 from the province of Buenos Aires, three from the city of Buenos Aires, one from Santa Fé and one from Córdoba. A deceased person in the province of Buenos Aires was charged without sex data.

During the day on Friday, 17,493 new collections were made and, since the beginning of the outbreak, 830,057 diagnostic tests for the disease were carried out, which is equivalent to 18,292.6 collections per million inhabitants. To date, the total number of registrations is 108,242 people.

The number of cases discarded until yesterday is 470,163 (for laboratory criteria and for clinical / epidemiological criteria).

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“We are working hard with the health system that is in tension in Jujuy, Santa Cruz, to manage the beds and control the situation”, Assured Carla vizzotti, Secretary of Access to Health. He also stated that “the provinces with more than 40% positivity are Salta, Jujuy, Mendoza, Neuquén, Río Negro, Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fuego”.

Regarding the incidence per 100 thousand inhabitants, Vizzotti added that “in the country there are 519, but if we decompose, the city has 2,218, the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires (AMBA) 1,231, the metropolitan region 1,008, the rest the 203 province, Tierra del Fuego increased to 517, Jujuy 393, Río Negro 371 and Chaco – which was very close to the AMBA incidence – has now decreased to 328 ”.

Actually a total of 1,293 people with the disease in intensive care units across the country, of which 80.5% do so in health centers in the city and in the province of Buenos Aires.

The occupation of intensive care beds, regardless of the illness that explains the hospitalization of the patient, at national level, averages 56.5%, while in AMBA it reaches 66%.

Vizzotti took advantage of this morning’s press conference to recall the preventive measures: “It is necessary to wash your hands, ventilate the rooms, wear a mask, stay two meters away and contact the health system if symptoms occur. If we have clinical confirmation, by swab or awaiting the result, comply with the isolation”.

There he added: “It doesn’t matter if you live in an apartment without cases, without preventive and compulsory social isolation (ASPO) or without transmission, If the virus finds us complying with preventive measures, it will find us better”.

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Diego Santilli said that in “two or three weeks” Covid-19 cases in the city will begin to decline

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