Coronavirus: Île-de-France ARS calls for “awareness”

CORONAVIRUS – An urgent “conscience”. Since the beginning of the summer and the month of July, the number of cases of contamination by Covid-19 identified in Île-de-France has increased over the days, according to the Deputy Director General of the Regional Health Agency, Nicolas Peju, interviewed this Sunday, August 9 by Franceinfo.

According to him, we are witnessing the “beginning of an epidemic rebound”. It asks for “conscience” to avoid “a second wave”. “We have a trend that is not good and that even now must require, in the middle of August, a strong mobilization to strengthen all preventive measures,” he said before adding:

“If we don’t want it [ce début de rebond épidémique, ndlr] becomes the beginning of the second wave, this awareness is essential to strengthen all preventive measures and reverse this trend in the days and weeks to come ”.

Nicolás Peju highlights the evolution of the number of daily cases of contamination identified by the authorities since mid-May, in particular the number of positive tests for 100 tests carried out, which allows taking into account the growing importance of screening in the region. .

“In mid-May, we find about 200 positive cases every day throughout the region,” he says. ″ At the end of June, we were finding around 100 positive cases every day. Our positivity rate had roughly reached the national average, after a very present first wave in the region. “But since July, the indicators I am citing have unfortunately deteriorated,” he explains.

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“Since last week, we have seen an average of around 400 positive cases per day in the Île-de-France region and even more than 500 in recent days. This is where we have to react by taking a series of measures, specific measures, measures that will obviously have to be adapted in the coming days and weeks ”.

Wearing a mask is mandatory in certain areas of Paris and Île-de-France

To combat this rebound, the use of an outdoor mask will be mandatory from this Monday, August 10, in certain crowded areas of Paris. (as you can see in this article) as well as in Seine-Saint-Denis, in Hauts-de-Seine, Val-de-Marne and Val-d’Oise, the interested prefectures indicated on Saturday 8 August in a press release.

“All indicators show that the virus is circulating more actively in the region again,” the statement said. The use of a mask will be mandatory for those over 11 years of age from Monday at 8 am

In Paris, the affected areas are, in particular, the quays of the Seine and more than a hundred streets in almost all the districts of the capital. These are “tourist areas, open markets or very commercial streets”, “quays of the Seine, Canal Saint-Martin” but also “Butte Montmartre, very touristy,” Nicolas Nordman, deputy for security at the Paris city council, told AFP.

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To see the situation a little more clearly, The HuffPost has produced a map of France of the circulation of the coronavirus, updated automatically. This clearly shows this new trend and situation, although the situation in intensive care is not comparable to that of March-April.

When we first published it on July 23, only four departments (in light green) had passed a surveillance threshold in mainland France. There are about twenty of them today.

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