Coronavirus: Antonio Banderas announces that he is infected on his birthday

Antonio Banderas celebrated an important birthday this Monday, August 10: his 60 years. However, the Spanish actor who has shared his life with Nicole Kimpel for several years is currently going through a difficult stage. To celebrate this holiday, Antonio Banderas shared a photo of himself in black and white on Twitter. But to accompany this fond memory, the actor announced bad news about his health. After suffering a heart attack in 2017, Melanie Griffith’s ex-husband revealed that he had the coronavirus.

Antonio Banderas quarantined

With a positive result and quarantined, Antonio Banderas wrote: “I want to make public the fact that today, Monday, August 10, I am forced to celebrate my 60th birthday in quarantine, after having tested positive for the disease. COVID-19. “But the actor wanted to reassure his fans:” I would like to add that I feel relatively well. “He explained that he was” just a little more tired than usual, and confident in my chances of recovering from him as quickly as possible. , following the medical indications that will allow me, I hope, to overcome this infectious process from which I am suffering and that affects so many people all over the planet ”. While new cases affected by Covid-19 are on the rise around the world, the list of contaminated celebrities also continues to grow, with Alyssa Milano, who has been battling the disease for several months.

By Marie Merlet

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