Coronavirus: Alyssa Milano hospitalized, talks about her health

The coronavirus continues to affect millions of people around the world and is even experiencing a rebound. Among the many celebrities who have not been spared, Alyssa Milano revealed this Thursday, August 6, that she had been contacted by Covid-19 last April. Affected by various symptoms attributed to the disease, the actress who is about to resume her role in the series “Madame est served”, had still tested negative in several tests. In her testimony, Alyssa Milano explained that she “lost 4 pounds in two weeks.” A painful ordeal that he wanted to share to raise awareness about the danger of the virus and the health measures to observe. Because after “four months with persistent symptoms,” Alyssa Milano was hospitalized.

“This virus sucks. Take it seriously.”

On Twitter this Sunday, August 9, the actress shared a photo of herself wearing a mask, in a hospital bed and with tubes around her. “In April I was seriously ill with Covid-19. I still have many symptoms. I am what they call a ‘long carrier’ “, Alyssa Milano assured about her state of health, before Explain why she is hospitalized:” Last night I had a real weight on my chest. I went to the ER just to make sure it wasn’t a blood clot. Luckily it wasn’t. “Once again, the actress wanted to send a message about the impact of the coronavirus:” This virus sucks. Take it seriously. ”

By Marie Merlet

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