Corona tests for all returnees at Leipzig / Halle airport

All returnees can be voluntarily tested for a possible corona infection at Leipzig / Halle airport. The Saxony-run Corona testing center caters to all returnees, no matter where they live, Ute Albersmann of the Ministry of Social Affairs in Magdeburg said on Monday. “It was right and important that they agreed on a nationwide uniform procedure and that every returnee could now be tested free of charge.” A test requirement for returnees from high-risk areas is expected in the coming days. The State of Saxony-Anhalt will not set up its own test station at Leipzig-Halle Airport.

This weekend, a total of 600 returnees on vacation were tested at Leipzig / Halle airport. It cannot be said at the moment how many of them came from Saxony-Anhalt, Albersmann stressed. The center is staffed with a doctor and three other employees as long as flight operations are ongoing. Vacationers must first complete a “Sars CoV-2 Test Request”. German citizens are eligible for the test. According to the CEO of the Association of Legal Physicians of Saxony Health Insurance Klaus Heckemann, staff are still needed for the test centers. He therefore called on medical students to register. The work will be paid.

At the same time, the city of Halle dismantled its own test station at the airport. Since last Monday, people from Halle had had the corona virus tested here. By Friday afternoon, however, only three vacationers had made use of the city’s offer. It is still unclear whether the city is still charging the actual estimated share of lab costs of around 45 euros.

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