Corona: Söder strictly against further easing – Bavaria

“We must expect Corona to come back to us with all its might,” said the Bavarian Prime Minister of “Bild am Sonntag”. “If we’re not careful, we could be in a situation like March again.” Absolute vigilance is required. “The virus remains an ongoing task that puts us under constant stress.”

Unfortunately, many people have become more reckless about the virus, Söder continued. “This also includes extreme decomplexers and conspiracy theorists who wanted to lift all measures as quickly as possible.” Anyone who underestimated the corona virus has been refuted. The second wave is practically already here: “It is slipping through Germany”. It is therefore important to be even more attentive and to react quickly and systematically.

Against this background, Söder also dismissed football matches with spectators at the start of the new season: “I doubt we can decide to relax further in August. Therefore, as a football fan, I am very skeptical about the start of the Bundesliga. Ghost games, yes, but stadiums with 25,000 spectators are very difficult to imagine. “It would be a bad signal and it would be difficult to transmit to the population if they used extensive testing capabilities.
At the same time, Söder pleaded for another rescue package to be put in place in the fall for auto parts manufacturers, the aerospace industry and mechanical engineering. In addition, he believes that the regulations on partial unemployment benefit should be extended until next year.

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