Corn price for August 8

He Corn was paid for $ 9,500, so that it implied an increase of 0.96% in relation to the value of the previous day, when it indicated 9,410 dollars.

In relation to the previous days, it reversed the result of the previous day, when it obtained a decrease of 0.58%, not showing itself recently unable to establish a clear trend. The volatility value performed slightly below the volatility shown in last year’s data, which indicates that in this last phase it is showing less changes than usual.

If we consider the data for the last seven days, the Corn marks a fall in 0.84%.

Finally, this result is close to that of July 23, when it managed to reach the maximum values ​​of the year with the figure of US $ 9,900.

International maize values

Evaluating the values ​​of this asset internationally the current value of the Corn in Chicago is $ 320.50 per ton, according to the latest data from August 8.

As for future values, during the current month its price reaches the $ 126.27 in Chicago and in (‘131.00’, datetime.datetime (2021, 3, 6, 22, 25, 41, 567707]weights in the next month. Likewise, corn futures in Argentina are in 137.6 pesos this month and on 141 looking forward to the next month.

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