Comedian Youssoupha Diaby accuses the police of threatening him and “throwing him to the ground”

RACISM – “Do you think it is the way to your mother?” These words, the comedian Youssoupha Diaby is not willing to forget. A team of police officers from the city of Saint-Denis would have pronounced them against her, as she explains in a video shared on her Instagram account on Monday, August 10.

“Friends, I hope you are well. In any case, better than me ”, the latter begins before developing his version of events. as you can see in the video at the top of the article. A version that the police did not want to comment on.

As he was returning home this Sunday night on an electric scooter, an unidentified car hugged him tightly. Impossible for him to get on the sidewalk, at the risk of “having fun on the ground.” Then try to pull over to the side. The car passes him “full”. He says that’s when he hears one of the passengers threatening him. He replies. “I said, ‘Yes, that’s my mother’s path,’ said the young man. You know me. And in fact they were policemen. “

Still in shock, he continues: “They rolled onto their sides in front of me. I didn’t have time to brake, I threw my scooter in the car … “

“The hate of uf”

He could have been injured. Tone up “Where are you talking to me like that, are you stupid or what?” Youssoupha Diaby gets angry at one of the policemen. “Where are you talking to me like that damn bastard?”, The latter would have replied. She then says they grabbed her by the neck, threw her to the ground, and pushed her against a fence.

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“You know, I’ve always been a good boy,” says the comedian. You never heard weird things about me. I’ve always been a good boy. I never said ‘fuck the police’ or do that nonsense. […] But actually, I really hate things against them. “

Then the residents would have intervened. He thanks you. Without them, he could have ended up in police custody. “The Saint-Denis policemen, stop playing cowboys. You have to tell the truth: it’s a fucking racist job […] The base is racist, you can only say that ”, denounces Youssoupha Diaby.

The Mayor’s Invitation

Since it was posted, the video has been viewed nearly 260,000 times. Reactions are multiplying, like the one shown below from France 3 journalist Raphaël Yem.

Soon after, the mayor of the city, Mathieu Hanotin, sent him a message on Twitter.

Contacted by The parisian, indicates the socialist councilor to have invited the comedian this Tuesday to come to speak with him in the City Hall. “I think the role of the city council is to support fellow citizens who wish to assert their rights,” he explains.

It specifies: “Fortunately there was no tragedy, but if the facts are true, these behaviors are outside the legal framework. If I want the police, including the municipal police, to have more power in Saint-Denis, that also implies more responsibility in the use of force ”.

There was no camera at the scene. However, police cars are equipped with video surveillance.

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For its part, the Prefecture of Police indicates that it does not want to comment on the images or events reported by Youssoupha Diaby. “If this person feels aggrieved, she told the ParisianYou have all the means to go to the competent services of our establishment and file a complaint ”.

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