Christophe: why Michèle Torr is mad at his wife

Several months after the death of the singer Christophe, Michèle Torr still feels angry. On top of that, she has to endure her son Romain’s recent emergency hospitalization for a major urinary tract infection. The son that Christophe never wanted to recognize published a disturbing message on his Facebook account a few days ago: “Hello, I hope you are well, I am not so well at the moment. I will be back in the afternoon.” at the Timone hospital I can’t move anymore but I hope things improve afterwards ”. And in an interview with Nous Deux magazine, Michèle Torr spoke of “the anger and sadness” she feels towards Christophe’s partner, make-up artist Audrey Gautier. “It made me very sad when I found out she was hospitalized and then when she left.”

Michèle Torr expresses her anger

A disappearance that also saddens his son Romain, who could not even say goodbye to him since “he was taken away by Christophe’s partner and he lived it very badly.” He then explains that he has “anger and sadness for Romain”, who is struggling to cry, consumed with regrets. “He regrets that he did not insist on further cultivating his relationship with Christophe even if they had specific, but secret, contacts that only belonged to them.”

A few weeks ago, Romain had also expressed his anger on his Facebook account: “At least I would have liked to send flowers, but where? We don’t know anything, not me, not his nieces, not his brother. He was close. crazy! I can’t understand why all the meanness … I was still my father! Anyway, since my multiple sclerosis deprives me of antibodies. and placing myself in a level 3 risk category for the virus, I couldn’t go anyway “.

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