Celebrities Mariah Carey can’t stand it

There were certainly no love losses between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj when the two signed up for the 2013 season American idol. When asked what it was like to share a set with the “Super Bass” star of Hot 97The diva equated it with “going to work in hell with Satan every day.” Carey even admitted that she hated the talent show and that just the “pretty, dangling money moment” was worth it.

Carey wasn’t afraid to tell Minaj’s face either, mocking her hat and Mean girls Knowledge during her turbulent stay on the jury. In return, the rapper arrived Twitter for a rant of insults claiming that jealousy for being eclipsed in the Billboard Hot 100 record books was the cause of all the arguments.

TMZ I also got hold of images taken during a hiatus in filming, in which Minaj threatened, “Tell me something more disrespectful, if you say something disrespectful to me, don’t touch your head! … I’m not damned there with your damn highness. As for Carey’s typical arc response? “Do I have a three year old around me?”

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