Case concluded: Caroline Margeridon reacts to Pierre-Jean Chalençon’s attacks

Present in the business concluded since the start of the program in 2017, Pierre-Jean Chalençon will not join the buyer team at the beginning of the school year. After multiple controversies, the tax collector took the exit door, by his own decision according to his words. During his participation in the show, Pierre-Jean Chalençon was able to get close to his comrades Julien Cohen or even Caroline Margeridon with whom he seemed to share a tender friendship. But the buyer was disappointed to discover Pierre-Jean Chalençon’s violent criticism of her. Commenting on a publication on her Instagram account this Tuesday, August 11, the collector released: “I have no more news about her! A good friend hehehe. I have new friends, but there are the old ones.” and cockroaches, help clean up! […] When he scratches the varnish … he didn’t fool me, but at this point … Poor ”.

Caroline Margeridon in a misunderstanding

Very surprised by her virulent comments, Caroline Margeridon reacted on the site of Jean-Marc Morandini. “I’m really shocked by Pierre-Jean’s words and insults that I just read on her Instagram. ‘Nerdy’, ‘cockroaches’ … I discovered at the same time that she was having fun in my’ insulting my close friends even Asked about the reasons for this dubious attitude, the buyer expressed his misunderstanding: “Nothing happened. That’s why his behavior makes no sense! He even floods my lover with messages every day, telling him that he loves us both and wants come to spend the holidays with us! All this on our own of course … “” This kind of behavior really makes me want to vomit, “he criticized in front of Pierre-Jean Chalençon, who once again provoked anger.

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By Marie Merlet

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