Casa Real.- Casado defends the legacy of Juan Carlos and says that the debate about the monarchy "is suicidal for national concord"

07/29/2020 The president of the PP, speaks from the platform in a plenary session of the Congress, in Madrid (Spain), on July 29, 2020. In that session, the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, appears to give Details of the fund of post-capital recovery agreed at the last European Council in an extraordinary plenary session with which the Lower House will close the political course. POLICY Pool (Pool /)


The president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, defended the “magnificent legacy” of King Juan Carlos I and assured that the debate about the monarchy “is suicidal for national harmony”.

“Without it, this social, democratic and legal state could not have been consolidated,” said the popular leader in an interview published this Sunday on ABC.

In this context, he disapproved “those who try to impute any guilt without being done by a judge”. “A person who is not accused of anything and who has no cause in any judicial body, of course, operates the presumption of innocence,” he said in reference to King Emeritus.

Likewise, Casado criticized the fact that his party had not received any information from the government about the situation of King Emeritus.

“We consider this to be disloyalty. There is a government that demands a lot of unity and loyalty, but does not exercise loyalty towards the opposition party and does not exercise unity within the government itself, ”he said.

For the president of the PP, King Felipe VI had “an impeccable job” and is being a King “very close to the people who are going through difficulties”. “The monarchy is the pillar of our coexistence and our future,” he said.

For him, Felipe VI “is the best head of state that Spain could have”. That is why it has insisted that the PP “will defend its work and, of course, the institution it represents, because, in his words,“ the monarchy is for democracy what we can be for communism.

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