Carla Bruni: her amazing confidences about her children during childbirth

The confinement was a very difficult time for many French people, especially for the parents. The health crisis requires, all schools were closed. Forced to stay home with their children, parents had to play a completely different role during these two months, that of teacher. Suffice it to say that this situation was not without consequences and that many of them experienced it very badly. Furthermore, Carla Bruni has not escaped this academic difficulty. Giving lessons to her children quickly turned out to be a nightmare for the artist, to the point that Aurélien, 19, and Giulia, 8, even wanted to change their mother …

“I didn’t make them progress”

The former first lady of France has entrusted the Journal des Femmes with her upcoming projects, in particular on her new album scheduled for October. She also returned to the period of confinement: “As soon as the coronavirus pandemic took its toll, we recorded 15 songs in 8 days, quickly, like crazy,” she revealed for the first time, “I am such a bad teacher that my children wanted change mother! I’m not a teacher. Not only did I get very nervous about teaching, but my grade level is close to the big kindergarten section, “Nicolas Sarkozy’s wife continued humorously,” I don’t have enough academic knowledge, I have a self-taught culture limited to the things I like. My only quality is to remain coherent and true with who I am … In short, I was sincere, but I did not make them progress! ” Fortunately for many parents, school should resume at the beginning of the September school year! The nightmare seems to be behind her.

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By Solène Sab

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