Camping Paradis – Patrick Guérineau: his previous life as a single father

At 48, Patrick Guérineau has just become a father for the third time. The actor welcomed in the spring of 2020, with his wife Lou Guérineau, a girl named Charlie. The couple were already parents to a boy named Paul, who will soon be two years old. But the actor is also Arthur’s father, born from a previous relationship. The “Camping Paradis” actor raised the now 20-year-old by himself. In February 2020, in the Gala columns, Patrick Guérineau relied on this time. He had divorced Arthur’s mother when the little boy was only three years old. His ex-wife having gone to live in Nantes, the actor had obtained custody of his son. For him it was “a life of tight flow” between the tasks of daily life, school and filming. By joining the “Camping Paradis” team almost fourteen years ago, Patrick Guérineau found some stability.

The actor is the father of three children.

Stability also found when he met Lou, a friend of a friend, seen through Facebook. Today, she lives happy days with her mixed family. On Instagram, she regularly posts photos of her children and her partner. Lou Guérineau, nutritionist and model, also ensures good nutrition for the whole family. “Arthur knows how to cook a zucchini gratin himself in his studio, myself, I changed my diet and on the set of ‘Camping Paradis’, people come to ask me for advice, including Laurent Ournac,” the actor revealed to Gala.

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