Brigitte Bardot: This terrible trauma after the birth of her son

On January 11, 1960, the iconic actress Brigitte Bardot gave birth to her only child, Nicolas-Jacques Charrier. But she doesn’t remember the first meeting with her little one very well.
In an interview with Nous Deux magazine, Brigitte Bardot, a recent scam victim, confided in the trauma she experienced when meeting her son for the first time. “When Nicolás was born in 1960, the hysteria around me … It was crazy. The delivery room installed in my house, the photographers behind the windows, those who dressed up as doctors to surprise me. . There was no privacy. “

a “terrible” memory

Brigitte Bardot, for whom the confinement has not changed anything, is still marked by the memory of her “terrible” childbirth. “I associated the birth of my son with this trauma. And it was Nicolás who bore the consequences.” Then she confesses that it is, among other things, why she never had maternal fiber. In her autobiography, Initials BB published in 1996, the actress committed to the protection of animals had already mentioned the subject. “It was like a tumor that had fed on me, that I had carried in my swollen flesh, just waiting for the blessed moment when it would finally rid me of me. The nightmare reached its climax, she said. I had to assume the.

Even if the weight of the celebrity is not always easy to carry according to her, the latter still allows her to be heard in her fight for animals: “Without her, today I could not do much for animals. If I denounce the fate of the animals of slaughterhouse or the cruelty of hunting, everyone falls on me, but at least that sets an example. So I didn’t take the wrong path. “

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