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The Bolivian Parliament on Wednesday passed a law that supports chlorine dioxide as a treatment for COVID-19, despite the country’s interim government criminally pursuing its use due to the health risks that this entails.

A law regulating the exceptional use of this product for patients with the new coronavirus ended its parliamentary process and was sent to the transition executive for its promulgation.

The Bolivian Legislative Assembly holds the majority of the Movement for Socialism (MAS) by Evo Morales, which maintains a pulse with the interim executive of Jeanine Áñez, who refused to enact various laws and who served as President of Parliament, Eva Copa, majority party that sanctioned them.

MAS defended in the Senate session that the rule was approved on this day that the use of this chemical “is not mandatory”, but rather an “alternative means” in a preventive or curative way before the disease.

The preparation of the product will correspond to authorized laboratories and its packaging must inform the dose and precautions with which it should be taken, for its sale in pharmacies and authorized clinics, but without the need for a prescription, in accordance with this standard.

Exceptionally, the law provides for the importation of the product to be released from tariffs, whose “alternative use” is foreseen “as long as there is a risk of contagion with coronavirus”, according to MAS, which expects the rule to close a “black market” for this. . chemical in the country.

The approval clashes with the transitional executive’s warnings that chlorine dioxide should not be used as a medicine before COVID-19 due to health risks, warned by international health organizations and several countries on different continents, for harmful effects , such as tissue destruction in the respiratory, gastrointestinal, hepatic and renal systems.

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Although health authorities have announced a criminal case, the product is sold in pharmacies in the country with remarkable demand.

Bolivia records 3,320 deaths and 83,361 infected with COVID-19 among its eleven and a half million inhabitants, figures that according to different studies place it among the countries most affected by the pandemic in the world compared to its population.

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