Bicycles and riders affected by the mask are mandatory in Île-de-France

USE OF MASK – From Monday, August 10 at 8 am, the use of an outdoor mask is mandatory in 105 streets, quays or busy markets of Paris, as well as in various areas of Seine-Saint-Denis, Hauts- de-Seine, Val-de-Marne and Val-d’Oise. And this imperative concerns pedestrians, but also runners and cyclists.

Indicated by a sign at the entrance “to areas where high traffic makes it difficult to respect the distance”, this new rule has a minimum validity of one renewable month. In case of non-compliance with the use of a mask, the violators will be sanctioned with a fine of 135 euros.

Since the country faces a period of heat wave, it is not recommended to ride a bicycle in areas where it is mandatory to wear a mask. So head out for a ride in your two-wheeler along the quays of the Seine or along the Canal Saint-Martin.

Here is the map (not exhaustive and in the process of updating the affected sectors in the inner suburbs).

However, be careful because, as the “Guide of recommendations for sports equipment, places and areas for sports practice ”, dated July 16, 2020, the use of a mask during intense sports activity is not recommended. This is also the reason why wearing a mask is not mandatory for those who exercise in sports halls.

Prepare your itinerary

Riding a bike with a mask, especially in hot weather, can be dangerous to your health. “When you inhale hard, you find that the mask fits in your mouth and you feel discomfort. If you practice a relatively intense sport, it will become impractical and you run the risk of finding yourself with a lack of oxygen ”, confides the hygienist and specialist in infectious diseases Stéphane Gayet, of the University Hospital of Strasbourg, in Parisian.

Therefore, it is recommended to pedal in areas not affected by the mandatory use of an outdoor mask, and especially to pedal early in the morning or late at night, so that the temperatures are bearable.

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