Bernard Tapie saved by his new treatment, gives comforting news

The news are good! In an interview with the Belgian site La Dernier Heure, published on Monday, August 3, 2020, Bernard Tapie was confident in his state of health. Suffering from double cancer of the stomach and esophagus, the businessman does not intend to let it go. Determined to be cured, he explains that he is following “an experimental treatment with Dr. Van Cutsem”, since January 2020 in the city of Leuven, Belgium. Claiming that it is “immunotherapy”, Sophie Tapie’s father said that she was “happy to talk to a Belgian because I would have already died if her country did not exist.”

If it evokes “horrible side effects” and “very difficult moments”, “clenches the teeth” and claims that “the tumor has received a bad blow”. Eternal blows, even the containment due to the coronavirus has not been able to stop it. “It was even more complicated because my condition no longer allows me to take the plane and the train. Throughout this period of confinement, it was an ordeal to get home. Fortunately, I found a hotelier in Leuven who agreed to accommodate me to avoid being hospitalized during the lockdown, while his establishment was closed. I can only thank him too. “

“Belgians will know how much I love them”

Satisfied that he had chosen this treatment, Bernard Tapie commented further on its progress: “There are three stages to launching a new treatment on the market. My treatment is in the second stage. It will be necessary to wait for sufficient results so that it passes to the third stage. I am a kind of guinea pig for medicine, ”he reveals. “In France, in order to have peace, the doctors refuse to give you this treatment. But if it hadn’t started, I certainly wouldn’t be here to tell you about it. Yes, I would have died without him. Grateful, he promises: “If God brings me back to life, I can guarantee you that Belgians will know how much I love them. Very often, the French have a superiority complex compared to their country, but it would be better if they had the sense of duty that I found in the Leuven hospital.

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