With the increase in the number of people infected with the coronavirus, fears of a second wave are setting in. Critical of the management of the health crisis, Bernard-Henri Lévy does not wish to give in to panic. Non Stop People tells you more.

Measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus have been stepped up in recent weeks. In the streets of certain French cities, in supermarkets, businesses and now schools, wearing a mask has become compulsory. Decisions following the increase in the number of Covid-19 contaminations in the country. In this context where the fear of a second wave is being heard by caregivers, some detractors are also raising their voices like Bernard-Henri Lévy. Author of the book "This virus that makes you crazy", the philosopher continues to castigate the management of the health crisis he had denounced in "We are not lying" last June.

On Twitter, Bernard-Henri Lévy hinted that he did not want to panic. "StopCOVID19? No. StopPANIQUE! Stop #CeVirusQuiRendFou! There MAY not be a second wave similar to the first. Because tests. Because masks. Because of increasing immunity. Because hospitals ready," he wrote, listing the different changes from the start of the pandemic. The philosopher who had denounced the "unbearable authoritative arguments" of political leaders and health authorities on Europe 1 last June, was not unanimous in the comments, by being caught up again by a cliché where he poses with Kurds. On tiptoe to appear taller, the philosopher has been around Twitter and inspires Internet users.
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