Benjamin Griveaux (still) teased his new mission

Seven months after the scandal and the case that now bears his name, Benjamin Griveaux tries to resume a normal life. Since June 3, the 42-year-old politician has returned to the National Assembly where he sits every Wednesday, after a brief absence to try to make everyone forget.

This return had already been synonymous with malaise since the politician was entrusted with a new mission and integrated the “industrial and technological defense base” whose initials are the BITD. A rather evocative acronym that had earned him another inglorious joke from one of his colleagues … and that in fact has something to smile about since Benjamin Griveaux was, last February, at the heart of a sex scandal that made a loud noise .

Today, Julia Minkowski’s husband sees himself on another new mission. The former candidate for mayor of Paris has been tasked by the government with a temporary mission on “the means to provide young people with better food accessible to all.”

Benjamin Griveau is mocked again

From the beginning, Benjamin Griveaux was accused of benefiting from a remuneration financed with public money: “The great dietician Benjamin Griveaux, threatened with unemployment, found a job at the expense of the taxpayer, for a mission whose usefulness n ‘Anyone will escape’, For example, he launched a user on Twitter, however, we learned that he will not be paid for the exercise of this mission that touches him personally and that touches his heart.

After laughing a lot at his mission at the BITD, netizens have once again redoubled their inventiveness to mock Benjamin Griveaux and his mission related to food: “We can count on him to give everything and send the mash!” , “Sausages and mussels for everyone!”, “This is the new” Dildo and Millau “for young gourmet in shorts!” Can we, for example, read on Twitter?

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