Being a Christian needs real solidarity

In the opinion of the Bishop of the Diocese of Dresden-Meissen, the digitization, which is useful for the exercise of faith in the crown lock, has only limited utility for the daily life of the church. “To be a Christian, you need real solidarity,” said Bishop Heinrich Timmerevers. Emotionality through direct contact plays a major role. “You can’t be a Christian without people meeting each other.” The cult and the congregation lived on the physical perception that what they have in common cannot be replaced numerically. “You can still talk about frequency, intensity, but the community of like-minded people has to be real,” the bishop said.

Digital can provide relief if there are clearly defined issues and decisions need to be clarified via video conference, Timmerevers says. But what the reduced worship means and parish life on the back burner for nine months means, “I still don’t have an answer”. The sharp slowdown, which is not necessarily seen as negative, also forces the Church to focus on itself, Timmerevers could do without a few things in the future. “I don’t miss session Catholicism much,” he said. And even without event Catholicism, it continued.

According to the bishop, the diocese cannot benefit from seeking support from people in times of crisis. “More people are leaving.” He points out that 80% of the population is not bound by religion and that people grew up in an environment “where religion did not exist, Christian life was hidden”. They have no experience with the church, which was also discredited during the GDR times.

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“You already notice this other diction.” This has not changed for 30 years. “Faith cannot be caught up, not even with a big advertising campaign. It is not automatic.” Christians themselves are important, who live their faith convincingly and make visible in Caritas and schools what the Christian life means. “Christianity can only be ignited by Christians who stand up for their faith and are enthusiastic about it.” In addition, Christians in the East could not live their faith the way they wanted, but they stuck to it and protected it together from state oppression. “It’s a fund that has weight.”

Christianity must now prove itself in a free society and a free world. “That’s the challenge.” The Church works in what she declares, proclaims, preaches and defends people and their rights. “It can make people strong, so that they live and bear witness to Christian values.” This is especially important in a plural society, where different opinions and positions must be supported. “As Christians, we often have only one means, dialogue, conversation, and that is the culture of debate,” says the bishop. “We cannot change society structurally, but we can gradually raise leaven, like baking bread.”

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