Bavaria: video of stork at bus stop becomes internet hit – Bavaria

Regenstauf (dpa / lby) – A video of a stork at a bus stop in Regenstauf (district of Regensburg) goes viral on the internet. “We went back to a friend’s house and saw the stork waiting so alone at the bus stop in the pouring rain,” said Harold Merl, known as rapper Liquid. Spontaneously from the car, he spoke to the stork and pointed out that there would be no more buses on Sunday. The recording has already been shared over ten thousand times on Facebook alone. Several media had already reported. The rapper assured that the stork was not voluntarily placed there.

With his fellow musician Maniac, Merl, 30, even dedicated a song to the stork: “He’s standing there, streaming in the neighboring village. It’s narrow and it’s all-out. On Sundays, koa bus, as in some villages. You know who I’m moaning: da rattle stork ”, he rapped in dialect. “The bus is coming – it’s Sunday. You probably have to take a plane.”

There are two nests in Regenstauf, says Merl. “The bird is our neighbor, you can even see it from the window.” But he has never been able to observe the stork as closely as during the video recordings. “I thought it was a funny scene. But I really didn’t think the video would go so much on the net.”

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