Bavaria: Too hot and too dry: record heat in 2019 in the Free State – Bavaria

Augsburg (dpa / lby) – After the drought of 2018, the extreme drought continued in Bavaria last year. The annual average temperature of 9.5 degrees Celsius is the third highest value since weather records began in 1881, the Bavarian State Office for the Environment (LfU) in Augsburg said on Monday. It was only warmer in 2014 and 2018.

The prolonged drought particularly troubled northern Bavaria. “In many areas there was hardly any rain at all in April – 25 days in a row, an extraordinarily long period,” says the LfU’s annual hydrological report. Another heat record holder was the Lower Franconian municipality of Kahl am Main (district of Aschaffenburg): at 40.4 degrees Celsius, the thermometer displays the highest air temperature value ever measured in the ‘Free State.

According to the LfU, there are water deficits in underground and underground reservoirs in large parts of the Free State due to the drought. The exception is the Alpine region due to higher precipitation and more water from snow melt. According to an LfU spokesperson, falling groundwater levels have been a trend in recent years. The drinking water supply remains secure.

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