Bavaria: no test results with on-call medical service – Bavaria

Munich (dpa / lby) – With the on-call medical service, returning travelers do not receive any information on the results of their corona tests. Since the start of mandatory tests for returnees from risk areas on Saturday, up to 200 callers have requested the number each day, a spokesperson for the Bavarian State Medical Insurance Association of Doctors (KVB ) based in Munich. “It blocks capacity and is annoying for callers because we can’t help them.”

Because the role of the KVB in the test centers of airports, train stations and motorway service stations is limited to mediating doctors for samples and advice. The KVB informs patients of the results only if the doctor on duty does a smear himself during a home visit.

Also at the Bavarian Red Cross (BRK), up to 150 people returning from travel per day requested the results of corona test centers by telephone. The volunteers were only responsible for the smears, not their assessment.

Prime Minister Markus Söder and Health Minister Melanie Huml (both CSU) admitted on Monday after a cabinet meeting in Nuremberg that there would be delays in reporting the results. By the end of the week, a private service provider will gradually take over the operation of the test centers.

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