Bavaria: man found lifeless in lake: no more missing swimmers – Bavaria

Schwandorf (dpa / lby) – A 71 year old man was found lifeless in Klausensee near Schwandorf in the Upper Palatinate – and died. He went swimming around 6:15 p.m., shortly after a friend couldn’t see him and alerted rescuers, police said Tuesday night. About half an hour later, he was found floating lifeless in the water and brought ashore. Despite immediate resuscitation measures from the emergency doctor and rescue services, the 71-year-old man died, according to a police report.

Several people who went missing while bathing are still missing in Bavaria. A 26-year-old man drowned in the Danube in Straubing on Monday evening. Despite an intensive search, the experienced swimmer has not yet been found, the Lower Bavaria Police Department said. Assistants also searched for the man on Tuesday.

Rescuers were also on duty at the Riemer See in Munich. An employee of the water watch had seen there Sunday afternoon how a man had gone into hiding and had not come up. The search for the unknown ended without result on Tuesday, a police spokesperson in Munich said. But that is expected to continue on Wednesday.

In the Regnitz, the emergency services were looking for a 32-year-old. The man entered the water on Monday evening at a place where swimming is prohibited due to the strong currents.

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