Bavaria: Justice Minister Eisenreich calls for data retention – Bavaria

Munich (dpa / lby) – In the fight against abuse and child pornography, investigators, according to Bavarian Minister of Justice Georg Eisenreich (CSU), urgently need data retention. “The protection of our children cannot be postponed,” he said Monday in Munich after a meeting with prosecutors from the Bavarian central cybercrime office based in Bamberg.

When it comes to data retention, providers are legally obligated to secure user’s telephone and internet data so that investigators can access it later.

“The state must do everything to protect the weakest and prevent such acts,” Eisenreich said. “The dimensions of abuse cases such as the Elysium platform or the crime scenes in Lügde and Münster have made it clear that the fight against child abuse and child pornography must be resolutely waged every day.”

The subject of data retention has been debated for years, particularly from a data protection perspective. The regulation is currently suspended in Germany. In 2016, the European Court of Justice ruled that the general and indiscriminate storage of telephone and internet connection data was incompatible with EU law.

In June, the Federal and State Ministers of the Interior at a conference in Erfurt again spoke in favor of data retention. But first, a decision of the European Court of Justice, expected in the coming months, is to be expected, from which he hopes “room for maneuver”.

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