Bavaria: full bathing lakes and high risk of forest fires in Bavaria – Bavaria

Finally summer: the lidos, the outdoor swimming pools and the swimming lakes are full. If you are not there on time, you must stay outside. Meteorologists are also warning of forest fires due to the persistent heat and drought.

Munich (dpa / lby) – Summer is here – and it’s really hot. Temperatures in the Allgäu reached 27 degrees on Saturday, in mainland Franconia they even rose to 37 degrees, as reported by the German Weather Service (DWD). No wonder the beaches, lakes and outdoor pools in the Free State are full on weekends.

In Upper Bavaria, the capacity of the Monte Mare lido on Tegernsee was quickly reached on Saturday: the 110 places were occupied without interruption. Employees always had to refuse new visitors in order to be able to respect the distance rules.

And the bathing lakes in Middle Franconia were also well visited: many parking spaces in Brombachsee were quickly overcrowded, and in Rothsee and Happurger See they were also full. Police have asked on Twitter not to travel by car. At the Familienbad am Plärrer in Augsburg, a lucky few were able to grab places even without a reservation on Saturdays, but here too all available places were filled throughout the day.

Besides the pleasure of swimming, the heat and drought also have drawbacks: the German Meteorological Service (DWD) has warned of a high risk of forest fires, especially for Franconia. The risk is particularly high in Central Franconia. There, the government checked the forests and possible smoke development with observation flights over the weekend. To reduce the risk of fire, smoking is prohibited in the forests until October 31. Parking on dry grass should also be avoided as a fire can more easily ignite on the hot catalytic converter.

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The risk of forest fires will not change soon, because on Sunday the temperatures will rise again slightly: it could rise to 37 degrees on the Main. Despite loose cumulus clouds it remains sunny, in the low northern mountains and in the Alps there can be isolated heat thunderstorms. And it will stay warm next week. Meteorologists also warn of severe thunderstorms and heavy local rains.

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