Bavaria: Franconian policeman criticized after speech at Corona demo – Bavaria

Augsburg (dpa / lby) – After a speech by a police officer at a corona protest in Augsburg, an official misconduct on the part of the official is being investigated. Police have obtained video recordings of the protest, which are now being viewed and evaluated, a spokesperson for the Central Franconia Police Prefecture said on Monday. During the examination, the agent will no longer be used as a manager or in service with the citizens. Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR) reported on the case.

The report indicates that the officer was transferred internally. The police spokesperson did not confirm this when asked. First, the performance appraisal, in which lawyers are also involved, must be completed before any action can be taken.

The policeman took part in the “Festival for Freedom and Peace” in Augsburg on Saturday, where people protested against government measures to contain the corona virus. A YouTube video shows how the officer delivered the speech with “Watch out, watch out, it’s the police talking!” begins and introduces himself to the applauded crowd as the service group leader of a police station.

In his speech, the official accuses politics and the “mainstream media”, among others, of spreading fear and horror. Germany has become a “state of informers”, which is very depressing for him. The press suppresses essential information – so he calls it the “breach press”. The officer asked his colleagues to join the protest.

The police union called the incident unfortunate. “Of course the police have the right to freedom of expression, but as a private person,” said Peter Schall, chairman of the police union.

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