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Bavaria continues to sweat – but severe thunderstorms are on the way. However, only in a few areas. Drought is of particular concern in Franconia.

Munich / Würzburg (dpa / lby) – Residents of the Free State will have to suffer from heavy air in the coming days. Especially in the southern half there is an isolated risk of storms with sometimes strong thunderstorms, as the German Weather Service (DWD) announced on Tuesday. With the exception of large parts of Swabia and Upper Bavaria, the DWD spoke of extreme heat loads and reported heat warnings in several regions.

The north of Bavaria remains particularly affected by heat and drought. The thermometer climbed to 34 degrees in the Lower Main on Tuesday. Persistent drought is a problem for winegrowers in the vineyards of the Würzburg region. In some fields, the soil is encrusted, water drains from the surface like concrete, Artur Steinmann, president of the Franconian Viticulture Association, told the German press agency on Tuesday. “We have had the third consecutive dry year and are now seeing the first damage.” Steinmann speaks of a “dramatic state”.

The Bavarian castle parks are also suffering from drought. “Deadwood in the treetops has increased enormously. It is partly frightening,” said Jost Albert of the Bavarian palace administration in an interview with the “Nürnberger Nachrichten” (Tuesday). Area-wide irrigation is often difficult, especially in large systems. Heat also promotes the spread of diseases, pests and fungi on trees.

“The highest risk of forest fires,” stressed a government spokesperson, continues to exist in Lower Franconia. The risk of forest fires is also very high in Middle Franconia. For this reason, observation planes will fly over the forests over the two regions on Wednesday and Thursday. The Lower Franconia Police Prefecture has announced that police and firefighters have had to relocate frequently in recent days due to fires in forests and fields.

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Due to the heat and drought, a hay baler caught fire on Monday in Seßlach in the Coburg district. A 33-year-old man suffered from smoke inhalation. According to the police, the damage is around 100,000 euros.

Short-term cooling is expected, but only for the southern half of Bavaria – and associated with the risk of storms. North of the Danube and in the Alps, individual thunderstorms threaten Tuesday and Wednesday. In addition, heavy rains, squalls and hail may occur in some areas. In the mountains, the risk of showers and thunderstorms is higher.

It should clear up again in all places by Thursday and it will remain mostly friendly with only a few thunderstorms. Friday is cloudy with frequent, sometimes stormy rains.

For lingering heat, Dr. Martin Scherer of the Hamburg-Eppendorf University Medical Center recommends industrially made masks. This means medical protection of the mouth and nose with a filter fleece. This protection is much thinner than a self-sewn cotton mask and facilitates breathing. Experts also advise shopping in the morning and staying in the shade or in cooler places.

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