Bavaria: day trippers in front of the Zugspitze slow down – Bavaria

The mountains are calling and the people of Munich are coming – and not just them. The Minister for Hotels and Tourism is delighted that holidays in Bavaria are a real alternative for many this year. It bothers others.

Grainau / Mellrichstadt (dpa / lby) – In Bavaria, residents protested against traffic jams and noise from excursion traffic on weekends – and motorcyclists against driving bans for noise protection. Politics is at an impasse.

In Zugspitzdorf Grainau (district of Garmisch-Partenkirchen), several hundred locals demonstrated against the massive excursion traffic on Saturday morning. Under the motto “Is slowed down!” on the access road to the Eibsee and the Zugspitz cable car, they expressed their anger at the traffic jams, noise and garbage left by day trippers for two hours.

Co-initiator Karina Winkler said: “We want to start a debate. For the solution, we need politics.” The goal is a traffic rotation with less car traffic. At least cars should be parked in Garmisch-Partenkirchen and tourists should then be taken by bus or train to the Eibsee and the lower cable car station.

According to the police, the demonstrators behaved in an exemplary manner and respected the rules of distance and hygiene. In the heavy tourist traffic, however, there have been disruptions. “After the closing of the demonstration was lifted, we had a huge influx to Eibsee.” A little less than an hour later, “we had to close the driveway; as is generally the case in fine weather ”. The parking lot above was completely occupied.

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There was a first “slow down!” Campaign. In Wallgau in July. Further events are planned in Kochel, Murnau and Garmisch-Partenkirchen during the Bavarian summer holidays.

Meanwhile, around 1,000 motorcyclists demonstrated against impending traffic bans in the Lower Franconian district of Rhön-Grabfeld. The two-hour visit allowed them to travel a good 50 kilometers through ten villages in the district on Saturday afternoon, police said. 73 firefighters, 50 police officers and 13 rescuers were on duty. The tour went smoothly and without accidents thanks to “the good official preparation and the exemplary behavior of the participants in the meeting”.

For weeks there were rallies of motorcyclists across the country. The Federal Council wishes to reduce the noise of motorcycles in the excursion zones prized by the traffic ban.

Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs Hubert Aiwanger (Free Voters) said on Saturday that a holiday in Bavaria in 2020 would be the right choice: “You can experience the diversity and beauty of Bavaria and at the same time support the local economy . ” In the first half of the year and also in July, there were only half as many guests and overnight stays as in the previous year. But “after the crown low point in the spring more and more customers are returning to Bavaria,” said Aiwanger: “Things are looking up again, now stick with local tourism!”

According to the Bavarian State Office for Statistics, 92% of the guests came from Germany in June. Holidays and excursions in rural areas are recovering faster than in cities. In Munich, hotels are only 20% occupied. Cities try to appeal to visitors with campaigns such as “Summer in the City”.

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