Bavaria: Bavarian border police will be a case for the Constitutional Court – Bavaria

Munich (dpa / LBY) – The Bavarian border police now employ the Bavarian Constitutional Court. The Greens in the Bavarian parliament want the highest court to clarify whether the reestablishment of the border police two years ago and their powers are compatible with the Bavarian constitution.

Bavaria takes controversial special route with border police. It had already been introduced in 1948 and was used, among other things, for checks at border posts and airports in Bavaria. 50 years later, after the end of border controls with the former GDR, the lifting of border controls with Austria and the easing of the border situation with the Czech Republic, it was dissolved.

On August 1, 2018, it was reintroduced as part of the state police during the discussion of refugee immigration, for example via the Balkan route.

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