Bavaria: 26-year-old sank while swimming in the Danube: Research – Bavaria

Straubing (dpa / lby) – While swimming in the Danube in Straubing, a 26-year-old went bankrupt on Monday evening. The search for him, in which a police helicopter was involved, has so far been unsuccessful, as police reported. The man, an apparently experienced swimmer, had gone swimming with a co-worker and had clearly been in trouble. The colleague was taken in by crisis intervention. Lower Bavaria Police Headquarters have asked eyewitnesses to introduce themselves.

On Sunday, a four-year-old child drowned in the Danube in Lower Bavaria. Two hours after his disappearance on Sunday afternoon, helpers recovered the child’s body from the water. Police said on Monday the boy was with his 44-year-old and 26-year-old parents and three siblings on the Danube bank near Osterhofen (Deggendorf district).

According to a witness report, a man stayed at the Riemer See in Munich on Sunday afternoon. A water watchman saw a man submerged in the bathing water and failed to ascend, police said Monday. After the alleged accident, a large contingent of police and rescue services searched for the missing – equally unsuccessful.

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