Audience: historic failure of TF1 with Franck Dubosc

TELEVISION – It’s quite simple: since Médiamétrie has counted television audiences as it currently does, TF1 has never seen so little on prime time that this Saturday August 8 indicates The parisian.

It must be said that the first channel had not produced any flagship content, offering a rerun of Franck Dubosc’s latest program entitled “Fifty / Fifty”, which had only been seen by a million people when it was first broadcast on TMC.

Result: Europe’s leading channel had to be content with a TNT-worthy score with 1.07 million viewers on average, or 6.8% of the French audience and a pitiful fourth behind France 3, France 2 and M6. Note that the latter also made a very small score with … Franck Dubosc and a rerun of the movie “Fiston”, followed on average by 8.2% of the audience (1.34 million viewers).

In addition, it is not only the evening that has gone bad for the first channel. On the day, it only shows a small 14.8%, its second worst day since Médiamétrie counted hearings in this way.

Despite the August heat, TF1 will not be able to explain either that the French had just abandoned their television set, as France 3 appears far ahead with the rerun of a 2018 telefilm, “Roches Noires”. A fiction that gathered 3.63 million viewers (22% of the French public).

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