Are the Christmas markets victims of Corona? Here’s how German cities are preparing

The corona crisis has always firmly under control Germany. Major events are canceled in sequence, including popular folk festivals. But what about the Christmas markets?

The scent of toasted almonds, mulled wine and merry Christmas carols determine the Advent season – according to the motto of the title “Every year again”. But this year the pre-Christmas season could be different. The corona crisis does not stop with major events. One after another is canceled. But what does this mean for the Christmas markets?

As announced by the city of Berlin, the opening of markets in the capital is still uncertain. An implementation is legally possible. According to the Corona ordinance, major events with up to 5,000 attendees are only banned until October 24 – “but no one can predict how the pandemic will develop.” The organizers and the districts are already working on concepts that will allow the celebration to take place while respecting the protection of health. Charlottenburg city councilor Arne Herz (CDU) says Charlottenburg city councilor is considering expanding the Christmas market area in order to keep the number of stalls. Furthermore, Herz assumes that most “Christmas travelers”, as he calls them, would stay away because “70 percent of visitors to the Breitscheidplatz market are tourists, for example”.

Dortmund’s popular Christmas market with the world’s largest Christmas tree could also take place. As a city spokesperson announced, a registration for the event “with some rough key data” is available from mid-March. “It is currently not possible to assess whether and in what form the event can be organized,” he said. It depends on the development of the pandemic, a possibly valid corona protection regulation and subsequent discussions with the organizers.

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It’s different with Stuttgart. Baden-Württemberg Social Affairs Minister Manne Lucha (Greens) has dampened hopes of a Christmas market season due to the corona pandemic. “We will not be able to hold markets in this form in downtown Stuttgart, for example,” Lucha said. However, the Ministry of Economic Affairs previously said Christmas markets should not be completely written off this year. He draws up regulations for an opening. The Minister of the Economy, Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut (CDU), considers that the holding of Christmas markets is quite possible. However, there are still no details on the requirements.

Corona-compliant concepts in planning

On request, the city told that the Corona regulation of the state of Baden-Württemberg is decisive for major events such as the Stuttgart Christmas market. And from today, it provides for a ban on major events.

The city of Schwetzingen in the Rhein-Neckar district has already canceled its 2020 Christmas market. Instead, a concept for 24 campaigns in 24 locations in the city is being worked out, Mayor René Pöltl said. According to the concept, Ulm wants to try out digital technology and a market distribution and, according to current planning, there should also be an offer in Freiburg – on Corona terms.

In Ludwigsburg, on the other hand, tourism officials see little chance for the Baroque Christmas market. However, the Corona regulation leaves room for alternatives: and as fairs are again authorized under conditions from September 1, Ludwigsburg can organize a Christmas mass, according to a model of “Tourismus & Events Ludwigsburg”, including a committee of the city ​​council is discussing wanted.

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“Christkindlesmarkt is part of the city’s DNA”

Bavaria has yet to give up hope for Christmas markets or Christkindles. It was only recently that the mayor of Nuremberg, Marcus König (CSU), said the city was working on a viable market model. This should include the introduction of a one-way street in the market premises. “We are trying to hold the Christkindlesmarkt in 2020”, König said on the portal “”. Because it’s part of the city’s DNA. Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) also believes that there is still hope.

However, no one can predict the course of the pandemic. It is still not clear how things will turn out in December with the setting up of major events. “Nobody knows today whether Christmas markets can take place,” said a spokeswoman for Roncallis, the organizers of the historic Hamburg Christmas market. “We are definitely working on concepts.” But it is currently not possible to see if this will be feasible. say.

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