Apple CEO Tim Cook is now a billionaire – that’s why

This is what normal employees can only dream of: a billion dollar fortune. For Apple CEO Tim Cook, it’s happening now. The CEO has raised this huge sum.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook has become a billionaire. This is reported by financial news service Bloomberg, citing its own calculations.

This is due to the Group’s share price, which has risen sharply. Over the past week, the stock has risen 5% – a company share now costs over $ 450. That makes Apple worth almost two trillion dollars.

It’s a blessing for Cook, who Bloomberg says owns nearly 848,000 Apple shares. These are worth over $ 375 million. With income from previous stock sales or Dividend payments Cook arrives at a fortune of over a billion US dollars.

Cook announced a donation of millions

Tim Cook came to head Apple in 2011, replacing Steve Jobs. He died in October 2011 of complications from cancer.

Cook had already announced in 2015 that he wanted to donate a large chunk of his assets – and had already donated millions of Apple shares. If he donated more stock, he might not be a billionaire after all, Bloomberg writes.

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