Anne Marivin as a couple: who is your partner Joachim Roncin?

France 3 airs this Thursday an episode of the hit miniseries “Under the skin”. The latter follows the story of Marion, a young policewoman desperate to arrest two serial killers and played by Anne Marivin. The actress has had successes on big and small screens for several years. She is not unemployed and has a busy schedule that, however, she manages to reconcile with her family life.
Anne Marivin indeed spins perfect love with Joachim Roncin. If your name does not seem known at first glance, however, it is also very famous. French artistic director and music journalist, he is at the origin of the famous slogan “Je suis Charlie”. A sad phrase used after the Charlie Hebdo attacks in 2015.

a well-known slogan

The latter quickly traveled the world and in a few hours became the emblem of this sad period. He had relied on the subject in 2016, in the columns of the Huffington Post. “I went to draw on the elements related to the theme. Here, the covers of ‘Charlie Hebdo’. His logo. I stood for two seconds in front of him and tried to understand what he was creating in me. What came out was amazement, disbelief . Hard to know how it got to me. It all went down in a split second. I tweeted these things a few minutes after the announcement. Attacks, around 12:50, so obviously everything went very fast. “
In a relationship for several years, the Dix Pour Cent actress gave birth to Léonard in 2009 and a girl, Andréa, in 2015.

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