An unconditional love that was not reciprocated and a last wish before he died: the true story of the actors of “Don Ramón” and “La Bruja del 71”

“Don Ramón” (Ramón Valdés) and the “Witch of 71” (Angelina Fernández), in “El Chavo del 8”

“My Roro …”, said Angelina Fernandez in a thread of voice every time the memories surpassed her being there, in the studios where it was recorded El Chavo del 8. Seconds later, he hid his sadness in the stern gesture of the 71 Witch and filmed a new scene from the show that since 1979 no longer had the idyllic love of his character: Don Ramon.

Rather than, Since August 9, 1988, Angelina’s life has longed for Ramón Valdés. And that “Meu Roro …” that 71 Witch I would say to Don Ramon in fiction, It is the same that since then the actress repeated every day, trapped in the memories of his ex-partner, of his great love in real life.

AND she cared little if anyone heard her. Anyway, I didn’t have anyone else to tell.

Any resemblance to reality …

Angelina and Valdés they were already friends before entering the cycle of Roberto Gómez Bolaños. Because it was precisely Ramón who asked Chespirito to give this actress born in Madrid a chance in 1922. The creator of The Chaves and El Chapulín Colorado I did an interview with him and was immediately convinced. Thus was born Dona Clotilde, better known as the 71 Witch because this is your department number, which coincided with the year the series was released: 1971. Thus, Angelina was the last member to enter the beautiful neighborhood, still in 1972.

Dona Clotilde she was a mature woman who wore a long light blue dress and an arrangement in her hair. She lived alone, hid her real age from everyone and, although she was very temperamental with children, I had no harm: away from the negative charge of the nickname, he didn’t want to complicate anyone’s life or get into fights. Madly in love with Don Ramon, Mrs. Cleo -As the father of Chilindrinacourted him in his own wayShe cooked for him, helped him with chores, gave him gifts, praised him. It did not reach him. Your love was never returned.

To see a thousand times: a scene from “Don Ramón” and “Doña Clotilda” (Video: YouTube)

Maria de los Angeles Fernández Abad —As Angelina’s real name — arrived in Mexico in 1947, almost 25 years before the premiere of El Chavo del 8, escaping the cruelty of a Francisco franco to what I had faced being a guerrilla. After a brief previous visit to Havana, Cuba, already in Aztec territory, he was able to expose his artistic vocation by participating in several soap operas and radio soap operas. The work A heart with brake and reverse, from 1950, meant its great takeoff in the theatrical world.

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Like Ramón Valdés (who filmed more than 100 films), his brand was on the big screen: since 1955 Angelina was the protagonist of the golden age of Mexican cinema, making several films with the famous Cantinflas. Owner of great beauty and strong personality, was fluent in dramatic roles. That’s why it wasn’t easy for her to adapt to comedy with her role as Dona Clotilde, which also he demanded to be ugly.

Ramón Valdés and Angelines Fernández, when they were figures in Mexican cinema
Ramón Valdés and Angelines Fernández, when they were figures in Mexican cinema

In 1968, in the film Crown of tears, Angelina and Ramón shared a cast for the first time. Over there they became great friends. Rather than, nobody knows for sure when she fell in love with him. And just like with Dona Clotilde with Don Ramon, unpaid. Valdes adored her. But he didn’t love her.

As it was – or perhaps, if she could – the two had a close friendship. And also those seven years together in El Chavo del 8, which ended when the character Don Ramon he left the strip for renounce of the actor. And also Valdés love relationships and recurring marriages: three in total, which flourished in 10 children. Angelina’s heart struggled with it all.

After a valiant nearly four-year struggle with cancer (caused by his addiction to cigarettes), Ramón Valdés died in 1988. At the end of a massive funeral, Angelina stayed for more than two hours next to her headstone in the Mausoleos del Ángel pantheon in Mexico City. Between sobs, she was heard repeat several times: “You left my Roro … my Roro …”.

Despite the death of Ramón Valdés, The Witch of 71 continued in the vicinity of Chavo. He would do this in total for almost 23 years, until the actress’s health began to deteriorate. The habit shared with his great friend (tobacco drug) gave him lung cancer. And this heart beaten by so much beating in vain by Ramón Valdés forever stopped the March 25, 1994. Angelina Fernández then had … 71 years. Almost without exception, reality is always stranger than fiction.

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Realizing that death was approaching, months before he left Angelina had expressly asked for one last wish to be fulfilled: to be buried beside Ramón. This time, it was returned.

That’s why today whoever goes to Coayacán, in the south of Mexico City, you will be able to offer your respect to anyone who made you laugh so hard with your Don Ramon. But you will also have the possibility to leave a flower in honor of this woman who gave her body to fight Franco, her soul to go on stage, her heart for a single love: there are also the remains of María de los Ángeles Fernández Abad, a few centimeters from the Castle of Ramón Valdés, in Mausoleos del Ángel.

Angelina's remains rest a few centimeters from Ramón (Photos: YouTube capture, lunajtr)
Angelina’s remains rest a few centimeters from Ramón (Photos: YouTube capture, lunajtr)

Because what fate has denied her, she has achieved.

Since 1994 together with his Roro.

And for all eternity.

Eternal love: Angelina and Ramón
Eternal love: Angelina and Ramón

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