Alexandra Rosenfeld: this criticism of a user in her body who had a lot of fun

On January 2, Alexandra Rosenfeld gave birth to a girl named Jim. At 33, she became a mother for the second time and started a family with journalist Hugo Clément, her partner since June 2018. Before this romance, the chosen Miss France in 2006 married the rugby player. Sergio Parisse. From their union a girl named Ava was born, who will be 10 years old in a few days.

Mother of two adorable daughters, Alexandra Rosenfeld, therefore, expressed her amusement when a user tried to warn her about the changes in women’s bodies. This Thursday, August 6, 2020, the beautiful blonde has posted on Instagram a photo of her where she appears in a red swimsuit. The former beauty queen shows off her toned body and prominent abs just eight months after giving birth.

Alexandra Rosenfeld is again the target of criticism

The second photo in your post is a screenshot of a comment made by a user. Visibly jealous, he throws himself at Alexandra Rosenfeld: “You will see that when you have had children, you will be less intelligent in front of your mirror!” A malicious comment to which the mother simply replied “Hahaha” before adding “Thank you” in the title of her post.

This is not the first time that the one who is now a yoga teacher has shared the criticism launched by Internet users towards her. In July 2019, Alexandra Rosenfeld had reacted to criticism from her subscribers regarding her slight weight gain during her pregnancy: “I’ve been hearing things like this since I was 15. But no one has succeeded in making me feel self-conscious, because Those thin little arms hurt the assholes a lot (…) and then I learned to love them. Now it’s like a drop in a K shape. Don’t let anyone complicate you, you are the way you are! And that’s the main thing, “he wrote on Instagram.


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