Alessandra Sublet spends her vacation with her ex-husband Clément Misérez

“I got my divorce”, Alessandra Sublet rejoices this Wednesday, August 5, in the columns of “Gala” magazine. Such a successful divorce that TF1 host and Clément Misérez remain on very good terms. Also, Alessandra Sublet is spending her vacation with some friends, including Lilou Fogli, Clovis Cornillac’s wife and… Clément Misérez! It is also Lilou Fogli who sold the wick on Instagram. In the caption of a video of her and Alessandra Sublet jumping in slow motion from a boat, Lilou Fogli mentioned “Radar Films” as the director of this publication. “Radar Films” is none other than Clément Misérez’s production company.

“With Clément, friendship has always prevailed”

Separated since 2008, the parents of Charlie (8 years old) and Alphonse (soon 6 years old) even spent their confinement together. It’s not so surprising to believe Alessandra Sublet, who confided in “Gala” his divorce. “When we decided to separate, my oldest daughter, Charlie, was 6 years old. He constantly asked us about a possible move. Normal: we live in the country and my children have the same friends since kindergarten. Charlie is in CE1, Alphonse Canteloup “(TF1). Alessandra Sublet also confided: “In a separation, when neither one nor the other leaves for the other, when there is no deceit or betrayal, that each one earns a living, divorce has a better chance of succeeding. It took us six months to find the right one. The right balance. With Clément, friendship has always prevailed and our priority remains the well-being of the children. “

By Matilde A.

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