Alain Delorme: the singer of the group Crazy Horse died at the age of 70

The French-Belgian singer Alain Delorme passed away at the age of 70 this Friday, August 7, 2020, the Belgian newspaper L’Avenir reported. The successful artist in the 1970s died of a heart attack. It was with the group Crazy Horse, formed with three friends, Johny Callens on guitar, Dominique Barbe on bass (who died last February) and Freddy de Jonghe on drums, that Alain Delorme enjoyed popularity. Although the group performed for the first time in popular dances, the career of the musicians evolved thanks to two Belgian producers. The public is then in the appointment with the titles A flower nothing more than a rose (1971), And above all do not forget me (1973), Romantic with you (1975), or I have a weakness for you (1977).

A solo career in 1975

Despite the group’s success, its leader Alain Delorme decided to pursue his solo career in 1975. A decision that was worthwhile at first for the “Romantique avec toi” singer, but which later led to his withdrawal from the music scene in the last years. 80. But Alain Delorme never released the music. In the 2000s, he returned to television on the program “Chanter la vie” presented by Pascal Sevran and “The Years of Happiness” by Patrick Sébastien. Always present for his audience on stage, especially in the north of France, he joined the “Tender Age and Wood Head” tour in 2009, alongside Annie Cordy, Catherine Lara and Patrick Juvet.

By Marie Merlet

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