Aerial observation continued in Franconia due to the risk of forest fire

To prevent forest fires, the governments of Lower and Central Franconia again carried out aerial observation flights on Monday. “The greatest danger” prevails in Lower Franconia, a spokesperson for the Würzburg district government said. As a result, two observation planes again flew over the forests of the entire administrative district. The Lower Franconia Police Prefecture has announced that police and firefighters have had to relocate frequently in recent days due to fires in forests and fields. People have not been injured so far.

The government of Central Franconia also continues to rate the risk of forest fires as very high. Therefore, on Monday afternoon, air observers again monitored the situation. “If a fire is detected, the firefighters are alerted by radio from the air and the emergency services are directed to the scene of the fire,” said a message from the district government.

There was no aerial observation Monday in Upper Franconia. The German weather service classifies the risk of forest fires in the administrative district as lower than it was last weekend, a district government spokeswoman said. In addition, at least in parts of Upper Franconia, rainfall can be expected.

Last weekend, aerial observation flights were carried out in the three Franconian administrative districts.

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