Adriana Karembeu reveals she was “expatriate” from Morocco with her daughter

During the last issue of “Extraordinary Powers of the Human Body” issued in May during the disarray, Adriana Karembeu had not appeared with Michel Cymès. Confined to Morocco, where she resides at the prestigious Palais Ronsard in Marrakech with her husband Aram Ohanian and daughter Nina, the presenter was unable to join the televisions in France. In order to be present in the next issue of the program and find her partner, Adriana Karembeu assured in the columns of Télé Poche this Monday, August 10, that she was an “expatriate” from Morocco in July, Gala reported.

Adriana Karembeu back in France with her daughter

“For these recordings, I managed to get an expatriate from Morocco in early July with my daughter Nina, my husband Aram stayed there,” she revealed, explaining the current situation in Morocco: “The country is still confined and we do not know when the borders will reopen. “. Therefore, only in the company of his daughter Adriana Karembeu was he able to return to France and resume his television activity. The filming of the new number with Michel Cymès was “recently finished” after being “interrupted by the confinement”. Despite this period in which the mother stayed away from the screens, Adriana Karembeu puts it in perspective. “It would be really inappropriate for me to complain,” says Adriana Karembeu, who believes that “he had the opportunity not to regret any deaths.”

By Marie Merlet

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